Software Description

GEOWFDS was developed as part of a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to the Coeur d'Alene Tribe as well as a purchase order from EXCET, Inc. to McNamara Consulting, Inc. The work conducted by the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and McNamara Consulting represents the first attempt at applying geospatial technologies to the derivation and storage of Wildland Fire Dynamics Simulator (WFDS) input data. The application of geospatial technologies to the derivation and storage of WFDS input data is a logical choice due to the readily available nature of many of the WFDS inputs, such as terrain, in GIS format. A means, however, was required to transfer this GIS data to a format suitable to be used as an input file for WFDS. GEOWFDS is the first attempt at facilitating this transfer of data. In addition, GEOWFDS provides a standard template for storing GIS vector and tabular data used for creating WFDS input files. This can facilitate data transfer amongst researchers and the consistent creation of WFDS inputs. A complete description of the GEOWFDS application can be found in the user manual below.

System Requirements

DotNet Runtime Version 3.5 or higher
ArcInfo 9.3 or Higher and Spatial Analyst 9.3 or Higher

Hardware Requirements

Any computer capable of running ArcInfo 9.3 or Higher

Installation Instructions

Download GEOWFDS Installation Program

Once the above zip file has been download, unzip the file. If there are any previous versions of GEOWFDS installed double click on the unregall.bat file. After previous version of GEOWFDS have been unistalled the new version can be installed by double clicking regall.bat. Both uninstalling and installing GEOWFDS will require administrative priveliges. Additionally, if the DotNet Runtime Version 3.5 or higher is not installed the batch files will not execute.

User Manual

A user manual describing the functionality of GEOWFDS was developed by McNamara Consulting. This manual also contains tutorials with associated data demonstrating the functionality of GEOWFDS.

Download GEOWFDS User Manual

Tutorial Data

Download high resolution tutorial data

Download LANDFIRE data

Report Bugs

This software is currently being maintained by McNamara Consulting, Inc. Report any bugs to Derek McNamara at:


3/1/2010: Fixed bug related to creating WFDS input files with input grids having non-integer cell size (e.g. 0.5 meter resolution bare earth DEM.

3/2/2010: Identified bug related to input boundary fuel elements. This will be corrected when WFDS supports this functionality.